Internal Information System (SII)

The Board of Directors of CENTRE CULTURAL I ESPORTIU XALOC S.A., as responsible for the implementation of the Internal Information System (SII), has approved the creation of a specific channel for people who work or have worked for society and/or for the educational center, and who have obtained information about infractions in the work or educational context (including volunteers,  trainees) can report certain facts, with the guarantee that they will be afforded the protection provided for by law.

The  internal information channel may be used to report serious misconduct or alleged corruption, which may constitute serious or very serious criminal or administrative infractions related to the activities of CENTRE CULTURAL I ESPORTIU XALOC S.A., that the informant has observed or about which he has received information in the course of his or her work for the COLLEGE or its relationship professional relations with the ASSOCIATIONS, described in article 2 of Law 2/2023. If you report facts that exceed this scope, you will be informed by the System Manager.

CENTRE CULTURAL I ESPORTIU XALOC S.A. guarantees, through the independent action of the System Manager, the completeness, integrity and confidentiality of the information, the prohibition of unauthorized access, the long-term storage of the information, the comprehensive protection of the informant and respect for good faith.

The data you provide as an informant is confidential and will be treated as contemplated by current legislation.

As an informant who submits a communication in accordance with the provisions of the law, you are guaranteed by the entity that you will not receive any type of retaliation or unfavorable treatment. These protection measures will also be extended to other natural and legal persons linked to the reporting person (co-workers, family members, companies with which they hold a significant stake).

If the person reporting these infringements, in turn, has participated in the commission of the administrative offence that is the subject of the information, this circumstance will be taken into account in order to mitigate, and in certain cases exempt, the administrative liability that corresponds to him.

These facts can be reported in the following ways:

In writing, either by sending your communication by post to the following address Can Tries, 4-6, 08902, Hospitalet or by using the form below on this website.

Verbally, by telephone to the telephone 933351600 or by sending a voice message to the number (specify)

– By requesting a face-to-face meeting with the Head of the Information System by any of the above means.

In any case, you have the right to communicate anonymously if you wish. If you report this in a non-anonymous form, your identity will not be disclosed to third parties.

You may also report these facts directly, if you prefer, to the competent administrative authority, or to the judicial authority, or to the Public Prosecutor's Office or to the competent police.

If you use this communication channel, you should know that you will receive a receipt of your communication within the following 7 days, and an internal procedure is opened that has these phases, and which initially will not exceed 3 months:

1.ADMISSION. It is necessary to check whether he has reported facts that are within the objective scope of application defined in Article 2 of Law 2/2023, and whether the reporting person is within the subjective scope of application defined in Article 3(1) and (2) of that law. The informant will be informed, unless he has waived it, whether it is admitted or inadmissible.

2.INSTRUCTION. It is necessary to check whether the facts reported are credible, guaranteeing the rights of the affected party and the complainant.

3.TERMINATION. Once the investigation has been concluded, the person in charge of the system issues a report notifying the informant (unless he or she has waived it) and the person concerned, in which, depending on its content, it will be decided whether to close the file, refer it to the Public Prosecutor, or transfer it to the competent authorities or departments.

condicions required.