Education Project



At Xaloc we want to help our students develop their academic and personal qualities to become balanced individuals capable of cooperating  in building a fairer world.

Our educational project is inspired by Christian values and focuses on the student as the centre of attention. We work closely with our families prioritising the individual needs of students. 


Within a framework of encouraging personal responsibility  our educational project takes into acount three dimensions of personal growth of students:



  • INTEGRITY: honest, sincere and loyal, with a sense of justice.
  • OPEN-MINDED: prepared to work as part of team, valuing the ideas and contributions of others.
  • BALANCED: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual stability, for their own welfare and that of others.
  • CHEERFUL: a positive outlook on life and attitude of perseverence.
  • SENSITIVITY : appreciation of an individual's  spiritual dimension and coherency in their convictions.


  • PREPARED: active participants  in their development , with a commitment to long life learnin
  • HARD WORKING: using their  initiative and taking on responsibility, willing to face difficult challenges
  • CREATIVE THINKERS: apply critical thinking to provide creative solutions to complex problems.
  • GOOD COMMUNICATORS: ability to comprehend  and communicate ideas effectively, multi -lingual, willing to understand others' points of view


  • SOLIDARITY: good citizens, contributing to the common good and helping  to solve the needs of others.
  • SERVICE to their own family and in the day to day communal living.


Personalized attention

To facilitate the growth of these dimensions, each student has a personal tutor assigned to them. The tutor  will guide him in his personal and academic development, maintaining  frequent contact with him and regular meetings with the parents, who are the principal educators of their children.
Xaloc, with Pineda and Avantis have a pedagogical model based on equality between boys and girls on their respective rights, responsibilities and dignity which allows their educational and personal growth to take place in line with their emotional development. Boys and girls receive the same level of education. The ultimate objective is to provide equality of opportunities without limiting individual capacities  nor conditioning the future options of boys and girls.

Continual self-assessment
The educational project also implies frequent evaluation of its objectives. Along with the evaluation methods and tools of the  education department, through its own surveys Xaloc collects relevant information. In each course students also evaluate teachers and tutors and families are able to give feedback regularly on the overall level of services received from the school.
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