Primary Education



Our educational project is based on fundamental pillars including: language learning, use of new technologies, cooperative learning, and mathematics. The latter is approached creatively through the innovative project EntusiamMat.

Skills and knowledge are acquired in a teaching model that places the student at the centre of the learning with the psycho-pedagogical support and counsel of the Department of Orientation.


Pupils have the opportunity for additional speaking practice with native-speaking auxiliary conversation assistants who support and collaborate with English subject teachers. Year 3 and Year 5 participate in English Week - a week of English immersion in school subjects with native speakers. During the second academic term, students of 5th and 6th grade of Primary and 1st of ESO have the possibility of participating in a language immersion stay in Ireland, hosted with families and attending classes in Irish schools. Xaloc is also a Cambridge Exam Preparation Centre.


Physical education develops, through the use of movement in a natural and harmonious way, our physical attributes and capabilities. It does however, go beyond the physical aspect as it contributes to the overall development of the individual.


All of our classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards. For pupils from Year 1 and above there is also the use of a fully equipped computer room when necessary. There are also two class sets of iPads to work with different educational programmes.


Primary department pupils are located in three different buildings, one for each cycle of the Primary life stage. Each location has its own play are for the different age groups to enjoy.


At the moment Xaloc is a school applying for the PEP, Primary School Program, of the IB (International Baccalaureate). This program has a great international recognition, because it stays as a stable, reliable and transformative option that offers interdisciplinary education based on the investigation and focused on the student. Thanks to the PEP, the students experience an interesting, meaningful and relevant learning, since this one takes place within the traditional subjects, among them and beyond.


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