Dual Professional Training


Dual vocational education combines learning in a centre of education with workplace experience. Knowledge and skills acquired in the workplace lead to academic recognition. The workplace experience can take the form of paid employment, scholarship, or volunteer.

Currently, we partner with four company associations and more than 40 companies for the training course.

The DUAL training cycles have the following features:

  • Part of the academic curriculum, in content as well as the hours spent, is developed through workplace experience an includes the Job Training Centres (FCT)
  • Activities undertaken in the workplace experience have academic evaluation
  • Students during their workplace placement will have a tutor assigned to them from the school as well as a tutor assigned from the company. They will be responsible for monitoring and evaluation of the student.
  • Intensive workplace placements start at the end of the first year course. During the second and third year courses attendance is alternated between the placement and Xaloc
  • The DUAL training in Xaloc corresponds to 30% of the academic curriculum of the three degrees of the higher level training cycles.
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